The Great Gif Exchange Revived, Week 1

I’ve done a valiant job avoiding getting anything done for a long time. I have caught the bug again and got several important things finished/working, including

  • Unified logging – purged std::cout from the Galavant library in favor of the awesome PLog. This allows me to pipe all output through Unreal when using GalavantUnreal, which is nice
  • Added a very simple testing framework, Catch, which makes writing and testing new things easier
  • Finally, finally got my build system in order. Using Jam has been a bit challenging due to lack of documentation. It’s now all sorted out and builds are quick
  • Hierarchical Task Networks now fully hooked up and functional. This is demonstrated in the Gif for this week. It’s still heavy on boilerplate, so I’ve still got work ahead of me cutting that down

It has been a very long time since I posted a Gif or exchanged one with my colleague, but I think I’m going to try to start that up again. Here’s the .Gif:

This .gif is showing twenty agents moving into four groups. Each one of those agents was assigned a Goal to find a “bus stop” and go to it. They then formulated a plan using the hierarchical task network system to locate the position of the nearest bus stop and travel to it.

This is a very simple example. In the future, agents will have much more complicated plans which can accomplish complex goals.

I’m not entirely sure what I will work on next. I’ve been itching to work on the world but I can continue making progress on the AI behavior/gameplay side without the world.

I have been having doubts about whether or not I should continue developing Galavant. I’m going to continue working on it while I do some soul-searching on whether I want to spend any more of my life on this project.


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